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Watch and learn at first hand what it is like to work at PANalytical.


Fabio Masiello, product manager Empyrean:

“My ambitions match with those of PANalytical”

I studied physics in Italy, at the University of Turin. During my studies I spent some time in Spain (Santiago de Compostela) and France (Grenoble). And then I met PANalytical after I completed my PhD in 2011 in France, at the ESRF in Grenoble.
Soon thereafter I carried a business card with the title “application specialist”. This was a very appealing job to me, however sometimes things move faster than expected in life and a year later I was asked to join the product marketing team as the Empyrean product manager. This new position suits me in every respect. It requires the ability to think strategically and ahead of developments in the market. It involves travelling for a company with a long-standing reputation for quality which I am proud to represent. In this job I can use my scientific/technical as well as my social skills to achieve not only my personal goals but also those of the company.

To anyone with an open mind, a scientific or technical background and the will to grow professionally and personally, I say: grab the possibility to match your ambitions with those of PANalytical.


Maarten van Zalk, detector physicist & process engineer:

“It´s nice to work at a place where business and science meet”

I work in PANalytical's detector team. We are concentrating on the improvement and innovation of our detectors.
There was more than one reason why I applied for a job at PANalytical. It suited my interest in an environment where science and business meet. And I was attracted by a company that has product development and manufacturing under one roof. When our products are ready for shipment I can actually see the result of our work. That's nice. The variety that comes with my job also appeals to me. One moment I'm the trouble shooter solving a calibration problem in the manufacturing department and the next I am deeply involved in a technical discussion with a customer or my colleagues.
To anyone with a no nonsense approach, a hands-on mentality, the right technical expertise and the drive to innovate I would say: take this chance!

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